Whole story of The Legend of Zelda and Metriod?

Ok so i might get Twilight Princess and Metriod 3 for wii and im wondering whats the story behind them.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    By story do you mean the plot? If so...

    Twilight Princess: A young farmhand is pulled into an adventure when his friends are kidnapped by monsters. Not only that, but a strange dark realm has fallen over his home world and transformed him into a wolf. With the help of a mysterious imp called Midna, he strives to find a way to save his friends and Hyrule before the evil king of the dark realm, Zant, can take over. He battles his way through various Temples and defeats bosses in order to gain an artifact known as the Fused Shadow, something that Midna says will allow them to kill Zant.

    Metroid: Samus is back, but after a strange accident that occurs with a growing army of monsters, her suit goes into Corruption, and she is forced to unleash a strong energy. However, her suit is altered to control this power so she can use this power at her will to kill her enemies and discover more about the growing, evil power that threatens many planets.

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