Could the RNC take over the DNC union preferred status . . .?

Unions were able to gain a strangle hold on business because they guaranteed employment benefits . . .So it can only be assumed that a national health care policy will devalue the need for unions . . . So, if union workers no longer need the unions to guarantee health coverage, could the RNC make a play for union workers?

I think it's extremely telling how many Democrats opposed the bail out . . . and you have to be a financial moron to let a union manage your pension . . . most people have gotten the memo that those days are way over . . .


I'm talking about a twenty year period . . . not tomorrow

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    You are kidding right? Did you see who Obama picked as labor secretary today. He picked the person who is going to be the one to work with unions, small businesses & workers. I don't know what you work experience has been but mine has been with a husband that had a union job which was the best thing that happened to us in our work life. I live in a house now that I was able to have b/c of the job he had when he worked for a union. I have my own handyman business & I am a professional organizer. I have a son who works for a co. where he makes a 6 figure salary with amazing bonuses & benefits....I disagree with you about your comment about unions having to do with people having health ins. This is not really what it is about. It is about not being abused. It is about people being about to have a job better than fast food jobs. I worked very hard in a hospital & everyone there including the Dr's were treated terribly by the owners & the hospital was owned by a bank. I was able to walk out but most people needed to work there for a check. I could write about about the way people were treated terribly for no reason other than they had no one to support them which is what they union does when the higher up people don't act with integrity.

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    We can't be bought like the Dems can and we don't cheat.

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