Team Taylor or Team Michael?

do you like taylor lautner as jacob or michael copan for jacob?

i personally like taylor lautner - he's the right age for the character

that michael dude is hott but he's 10 years too old - no way would steph agree for someone that old to play someone that young

i hate it when they try to switch charcters in teh middle of a movie series

ppl would've thrown a fit if they changed harry, ron or hermione in the middle of the harry potter movies

and i know that ppl will throw a fit if they change edward bella or JACOB

i love jacob

and i think that taylor is the right one to play him

what do you think?

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  • CFM
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    1 decade ago
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    Team Taylor! I was SO angry when I heard that they might be replacing him because I hate when movies try to switch characters. I will be so mad if they replace him because the other guy looks way to old and doesn't look like Jacob

  • 1 decade ago

    Taylor Lautner definitely. Michael just looks WAY too old for the part. Taylor is cute and just looks like Jacob

  • miggo
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    4 years ago

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  • It would definetly be Team Taylor!!! He's the right part for Jacob, and the next books.

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