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1988 gmc serria , not getting power to tbi, why? and any idea how I can fix?

1988 gmc 2500. 5.7lt ,350ci, not getting any volts, to double throttle bodies, no gas getting too motor. why? and how can i fix?

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    Their must be present at the TPS 1 volt at closed throttle and the oil pressure sending unit must be working as it is tied in with the throttle body kicking in to work.The fuel filter must be free flowing with fuel and it may be clogged.Can you hear the fuel pump run when you turn the key on engine off?Do you have spark at the plugs ?if not suspect the ignition module in the distributor.Who worked on it last before this condition arrose ?Read any codes by hooking a paper clip into A and B terminals on the diagnostic connector close to the steering column with key on engine off and then ask what they are on this site.Check injector fuse # 11 and #13 ignition feed to computor.Make sure distributor feed is plugged in at base of distributor.

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    Well it could be that you blew your ecm fuse.I had this happen once and it did the same thing.Does the check engine light come on and blink when you first turn the key on?If it doesn't then this might be your problem.

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