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CHI serum? or Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum?

I own both, but I haven't used any yet.

I have a CHI straightening Iron, but I don't really like it. :( (makes my hair look like hay, and really dry)

My natural hair is poofy, frizzy, dry, thick.... etc.

Should I use both? Which one will make my hair look nicer??

I'll test them both out after, but I'm just wondering what you'd recommend. :]

Is using both too much product?


oh ya, I want to make my hair shiny and soft, not greasy.

and I was wondering what other things I could do to make my hair shinier, and less frizzy and poofy?

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    PAUL MITCHELL. I have the stuff... It smells great and makes my hair shiny and soft.

    The CHI one in my opinion smells like man's cologne and I don't use it much. I bought them both because the woman at the salon told me to put the CHI on when it was wet and the Paul Mitchell when it was dry but don't do it.

    My hair is poofy, frizzy and thick too. Another product I've used is Sunsilk "Straighten up", makes my hair stick-straight and smooth. :] I hope I helped and ask me if you have any more questions. It looks like we have the same hair.=)

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    I would say the paul mitchell serum, is the way to go. You should look for more products in the internet...they have much more than you get at local stores.

    i know they have something like hair gloss or something of that sort but cant remember.

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