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Detroit vs. Los Angeles?

So, I stayed in Detroit for the weekend 'cause I had tickets for the Wings and Kings. Was me first time in Detroit, and I enjoyed it very much. I caught a t-shirt while I was at the JLA, too.

So, me questions are...

1. Have you ever seen a game inside the Joe?

2. Have you ever caught a t-shirt from one of those infamous t-shirt tosses?

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    I <3 your avatar

    1. No

    2. Yes. After the 3rd wash the thing fell apart.

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    1. I've seen several games inside the Joe, but only two were ever Wings games. The first was a OHL game back when the Plymouth Whalers played at the Joe (going by the name of Detroit Jr. Wings). Then there was a preseason Wings game that ended in a tie against Dallas. I can't remember what year it was but it was a preseason game. Then there were a handful of College hockey games. I was at three Great Lakes Invitationals and a CCHA Semifinal. Last post-season was the last time I was there. It was Game 1 against Nashville and I sat three rows from the top with my Grandpa.

    2. I almost did once at a Pistons game but it ended up going to the person in front of me.

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    1 Yes Once vs Chicago Blackhawks of course Rival team tom the Red Wings, Detroit won of course,

    2 Never caught in my life to I'm always out of range that's what you got for getting Seats behind the Glass you are close to action, but are nowhere close to getting a souvenir.

    3 The People Mover in Detroit Connecting the Joe is Quieter and Better then the "L" Connecting the UC in Chicago Just you should know when going to a game to either Chicago or Detroit don't leave them hanging.

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    I went to my first game at the Joe about a week ago. Wings vs. Avs. It was fun except for the jackasses sitting behind me who genuinely thought that they could do a better job coaching and commentating than the people who actually hold those positions

    Unfortunately, there were no tshirt tosses while I was there. Only shirt I have ever caught in the stands was at one of my high school pep rallies because my buddy threw one at me

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    ive gone to 5 redwing games 2 when i was a young lad and 3 within the past couple years, i would go more bcuz i only live like 30 mins away from Joe louis but the tickets are so expensive for good seats

    NO but if i ever caught anything in a game id give it to a kid thats a fan of the game

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    1. I have, but only twice. One was a preseason game against Toronto (I think the first year Zetterberg played for the Wings) in which the Wings won, and the other was a shootout loss to Columbus (Bertuzzi's first game as a Wing).

    2. I have at a Plymouth Whalers game a few years back. I think I still have it somewhere in my closet.

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    1) I've seen a few games at the JLA. Detroit VS Chicago, DET won 5-2, DET VS Edmonton, DET won 2-1, DET Alumni VS MTL Alumni, DET lost 10-9 in OT lol...

    2) I've caught a frisbee at a Harlem Globetrotters game once lol, it was awesome.

    Hope you had a great time!

  • 1. I've seen about 100 games at the JLA.

    2. I've never caught a T-Shirt (nor do I ever plan to)

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    Ye havin an Irish acchent, eh.

    1. I have not, would be interesting though. Get myself a Pavel Datsyuk jersey. Maybe game worn. Or on sale.

    2. I have not, though my brother has, and in being a kind gentleman, he gave it to me.

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    Those Pistons stopped Shaq, Kobe, and Malone. The 2010 Lakers are nothing.

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