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Penalties??I need help ?

k shouldnt Johnson get a penalty for waving the terrible towel becuz when welker got a touchdown he did a snow angel in the end zone and got flaged for it its a little confusing need help??

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    well i cant help you with it but thats an awsome ?? my friend why diddnt he get flagged maybe the refs were awake or mabey the refs in New England Werent fare at all all i say is he should of got falgged and then the touchdown after the guy goes and stomps an an acctuall terrible towel like cmn on Man have some class and Peyton Manning the snow angel was when he got a touchdown god and exactly the same with Johnson he did that at the start of the third when he got a touchdown so he was practiccally sayin the game is over ... like CMN ON MAN

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    The Snow Angel was during the game and it was a delay of game cause he was doing the damn act for like 5 minutes.

    The terrible town was AFTER all 60 minutes of game regulation was down.

    The game was over and he did that at the end. Plus, what fine could you bring about just for stepping on a towel?

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    I think that you are not supposed to use props, but I am not sure exactly what the wording of that rule is. I do know, you can't intentionally go to the ground. I don't like the rules one way or another. If the other teams don't like your end zone celebrations, here is a novel solution for them STOP THEM FROM SCORING!

    Source(s): Peyton he did the act for 2 seconds, the penalty is because he went to the ground on purpose for celebration which is against the rules.
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