Is it official that Michael Copon is going to play Jacob in New Moon?

Please guys, I'm freaking out here & I need some reassurance.

I lovelovelove Taylor Lautner and I know it's not official that he's going to be Jacob yet (I think he's freaking perfect as Jacob) but has summit/stephenie meyer/anyone else confirmed that Michael Copon IS going to play Jacob?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    i hope to god not.

  • 1 decade ago

    if Summit and the director would be any wiser, they will not cast michael CRAPon as jacob because he doesn't know how to act.

    well if i were them, before i cast taylor in the first movie, i would have done my research considering the book is a series. they should have seen that coming.

    they should have known that Jacob would be a major character in the long run. so they should have thought about it before getting taylor to play the part. or maybe they just plan for taylor to play jacob in the first movie but what they didn't count on was people actually liking him as jacob. but then again they should have made it clear with taylor in the first place, that he will just be in the first movie because jacob will grow so big. they didn't tell him that, and taylor put so much effort packing 19 lb of pure muscles! they owe it to him.

    and besides, Jacob has a great body, not just a good towering height. in my opinion, taylor's 8 packs looked really really hot than michael's bod.

    but all of my musings just came down to this: michael is not an actor, he's a cat pretending to be a wolf, because he will never be. you should see his movies. i'm surprised he got to star as scorpion king 2. he was bragging about it not thinking that the movie was a crap! movie effects didn't help his acting abilities.

    and if they MUST replace taylor, people will appreciate it if they'll get someone who cam actually act.

    .. this is just me

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    1 decade ago

    Definitely not.

    Taylor Lautner will definitely be playing the role of Jacob Black

    and his werewolf form in the movie New Moon and the other movies too. He has said in interviews he can't wait to play it because he has a bigger part, and seeing as the movie has been confirmed to make then he will obviously be playing it.

  • 1 decade ago

    No Michael Copon will not play Jacob they will keep Taylor Lutner

    if my answer did not help try

    that should help.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no one has comfirmed any one. just like taylor said, the role is still up for grabs. and personally, i believe michael can't act for $h1t. he doesn't have jacob's playfullness even when he has changed a lot after his transformation. micheal read the CLIFF NOTES not the book. if he has read the book, he'll know that jacob is sooooo not him!

  • 4 years ago

    i want Taylor Lautner to play Jacob. first of all he became into relatively sturdy. 2nd, i think of he had diverse exciting. 0.33. they are able to't only KICK HIM OUT!!! i understand they don't seem to be going to do it, yet they have been thinking of it! Arghh...

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