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What are some ways to get in trouble at school?

What are some ways to get in trouble at school? Like other than talk all the time. Thanks

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    Don't know why you would want to- but physical fights will get you in trouble every time!

    Also, check out the book 101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher by Lee Wardlaw. Its a novel, but in the back is a list of 101 annoying things to do in class.

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    Ha now were talkin gettinin trouble in school was my best thing to do. Heres just a few good ways

    1. Come in to classes more then 8 min late. when asked where you were just say you had things to do.

    2.Ditch classes all togather but only after doing number1 3 or 4 times in the same class

    3.Mouth off to some teachers try the ones that get mad quick

    4.If all else fails beat the living snot out of somebody

    Good Luck

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    Fighting,Talking back, Disrespecting school Property.

    Disrespecting others.

    The list goes on, It's not hard

    Source(s): Been in a bit of trouble my self.
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    ditch class.... be late to class.

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