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What are some ways to get in trouble at school? ?

What are some ways to get in trouble at school? Other than talk all the time. Thanks.

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    get in a fight for no reason, spit on someone, flick a pencil at someone(done this), cut someones finger with scissors (i've done this believe it or not), poke someones eye, don't do what the teacher says(done this), have a bad attitude and chat back at everyone(done this), trip up a teacher, shout at the top of your voice in class at someone(done this), hit someone with your ruler(done this), put a needle on the teachers chair, jab someone with a pencil(done this), kick someone in the nuts(done this), when a teacher wants to tell you something-run away(done this), slap someone across the face and run off(done this), throw your food at someone, throw a stone at someones head (done this) and break someone elses belongings. Have Fun!!!!

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    1. Inappropriate physical contact with another person.

    2. Willful disregard of an adult's authority.

    3. Being sent to the office for disruption of a substitute teacher's classroom.

    4. Anyone throwing anything at anyone.

    5. Failure to report to an assigned administrative detention.

    6. Cutting a class and/or truancy.

    Source(s): My high school's student handbook. Any student who breaks any of these rules will receive a guaranteed 4 hour Saturday detention.
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    There are plenty of ways to get in trouble.

    Start a fight, Talk back to the teacher, Throw something at the teacher, Get caught ditching, Sell Drugs, Get caught doing drugs, Tag on school property, Text in class, Talk on your cell phone during class, Be defiant when a teacher asks you to do something...

    Of course, You SHOULDN'T do any of these things.


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    Start a FOOD FIGHT at the Cafeteria


    Print dozen of copy fo your principal wearing her pajama


    spread rumor about Twilight being sucks!

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    go on your phone in class

    litter in front of a teacherr

    answering baack to teachers

    start a foodfight :D haha.

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    This is the BEST ANSWER!!!

    Pimp-Slap your F**king Principle

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    bring cigaretes, get in a fight, cuss at the teacher, ditch, smoke pot

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    the f*ck u wanna know for and why u askin on yahoo u dont know cuz u a goodie goodie or sumthin? u wanna be bad azz?

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