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Crab legs --How long do I steam them? -- They are frozen and big!!?

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    Well you are in for a great dinner! First, plunge the legs in the sink with cold water..this gets all the ice off on them, so they don't get soggy or have extra water in them when you begin to steam. Second if they are really big, cut them into equal sizes..at the knuckle or joint. Third...are they King or Snow crab legs? Either one its the same temperature 190 degrees. Now there are a few ways you can steam....I like the double saute' pan deal...with salted water, LOTS of lemons....squeeze the juice in the water first...little white wine...peppercorns....1or2 BAY leaves .....place legs in the pan...and cover with another satue' pan....cook for approximately...7-9 mins or internal temp is 190. slowly melt some butter ...for draw butter!! BAM!! food from the God Posiden himself!!

    Source(s): I was the head chef at RED LOBSTER for 4yrs
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    boil them it is easier, get the large pot boiling then drop them in when they start to float they are done, if steaming thaw them out and when the shell gets bright red they are done

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