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What can a student get from having a CIBC bank account?

I'm a student and I use CIBC. Is there anything that's only for students that's well...good for using/to get? Can we get our own cheques, too?

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    With CIBC Online Banking, you can bank anywhere you use a computer with Internet access, at no additional charge; with the CIBC Online Banking Security Guarantee, you can bank worry free.

    Services offered by Online Banking:

    *Check balances for your CIBC bank, credit card and mortgage accounts

    *Pay your bills online (up to 5 bills at once) and schedule automatic payments for one-time or recurring bills

    *Register online to pay bills by phone and through bank machines

    *Receive bills from participating companies with our E-bills service

    *Transfer funds between accounts, including cash advances from your *CIBC VISA account to your bank account

    *Send money securely with INTERAC Email Money Transfer

    *Apply for products including credit cards, RRSPs, Personal Line of *Credit and Overdraft Protection

    *Order cheques online**

    *Download your bank information into financial management or spreadsheet software such as Quicken and Microsoft Money

    *Manage your business banking (including government tax filing and payment) with Small Business Banking

    However, I bank with USAA, which offers pretty much the same account advantages, except you have to be affiliated with the U.S. Military;

    -USAA's Teen Checking and Savings let you start your teen on the path to financial responsibility.

    -With teen checking account, teens get automatic ATM refunds and a free debit card, and they can even qualify to make deposits from home

    -A USAA Savings account pays interest while teens save up to buy things they want. — A website designed exclusively for teens where they can transfer funds, make deposits from home, and view their account statements online.

    Good luck

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    $20-40 plus the amount of the cheque. There may also be an overdraft fee. To be on the safe side keep the $350.30+40 in your account from here on out until it is settled.

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