Israel/Palestinian territories and India/Pakistan . . .?

How would this affect Americans currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan . . .? Strategically, how would the U.S. military handle this . . . I'm thinking we can quietly overlook India and Pakistan as long as India is winning and can remain "neutral" nod, nod, wink, wink in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict . . .which would play out more like a proxy war with Iran . . .

Does anyone have any insight on how the U.S. would handle both regions becoming "hot" simultaneously . . . Thanks.


ivtek . . . I'm making the assumption that the men who attacked India were not the most rational group of people in the region . . . so when I refer to India winning . . . I'm assuming the war would be fought against the more militant Islamic factions . . . not the guy that's just trying to feed his kids and go to work . . .

Update 2:

ivtek . . . the U.S. is worried about the nukes in Pakistan . . . I reread the question and wanted to clarify that the issue would not be about your religion but the nuclear war heads . . . apologies

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    as long as india is winning? what do you mean by that? i am pakistani and want a peaceful solution to india and pakistans situation.. so ya thats what i was asking what you mean by india winning? i hope your not one of those people that think all muslims are pyscho terrorists...

    the israel and palestinan conflict will always be going on it even says in the quran...

    the US just needs to act like an ambassador and give peaceful solutions to both problems, i would like them to pursue the and capture terrorists because they are not real muslims and need to pay for theyre actions

    as far as israel and palestine thats a whole different story a long one too..

    no problem thank you for making it clear, yes pakistan does have nuclear missles and i can assure you they are heavily guarded.. i can tell you this because i recently just came back from pakistan and i have seen things wiht my own eyes.. pretty much the main citys in pakistan are always on high alert for terrorist attacks.. i dont really think the pakistan goverment would ever use those Nukes against any country its just to show that pakistan has power as does india..

    i have a lot of indian friends and i feel just horrible about what happened in mumbai, like i said before real muslims dont go out and kill innocent people..

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    Israel became won 2 strategies. the 1st by skill of purchase from the earlier citizens, and the 2nd by skill of a conflict of independence. extraordinarily in the time of its early years, Israel won little or no monetary help from absolutely everyone, and had to cobble mutually a protection stress in accordance with thrown away and 2nd-hand equipment. The Muslim international had a inventive and prescient of itself with the aid of fact the eventual inheritors of the finished earth. Even on the instant, some Muslims nevertheless communicate approximately recapturing Spain for the Muslims. for this reason the presence of a wealthy, thriving, democratic Jewish state the place till now there became a partly-deserted tail end of the Ottoman Empire is so galling. And to make concerns worse, each and every time the armies of the Arab states tried to attack Israel, they have been critically bloodied.

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    Your idea about India is both plausible and good. However since Obama is gung ho about Pakistan, and Afghanistan he could very well attack Pakistan, which would be another disaster. With the neocons he has in his cabinet, anything is possible.

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    as long as the indians and israelis are winning in their respective wars we don't have to worry. if they lose though the muslims will pour all their remaining energy into their continuing invasions of europe and the US

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