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Need For Speed Undercover likes/dislikes?

Say any thoughts you have about Need For Speed undercover, likes and dislikes

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    Likes: I like the steering with the steering wheel, I like the feel, I like the handling, I like the cars, I like the game in general, it's very fun. I'm sad I can't say more good things about this game but it is a great game, the driving feels good and fun. And don't let more dislikes than likes fool you, I like it more than I dislike it I just have more to say about the dislikes.

    Dislikes: I don't really like the way the story progresses, though I'm not so far into it yet. I don't really like the style of random real life scenes popping up as the story progression.

    I don't really like the police chases much, but they're not so hard if you can find one of the things you can knock down and block them. They're just too many of them and they can take too long to evade. They can be fun, but can be annoying too.

    I don't like the lack of certain function and inability to map keys on the steering wheel. For example I can't change the camera without going through 3 tiers of options. Every time a Highway Battle starts the camera changes to bumper camera and I have to go through 3 tiers of options again to change the camera back to what it should be, I should be able to just press a button to change it.

    And when using the steering wheel you lose some function of photography when you want to take a photo you're stuck with the preset angles, but I guess I can just change to control pad to take photos so no big deal.

    I also don't like that there is no first person in car camera where you can see the steering wheel, gear stick, dash board, windscreen etc. (Midnight Club LA has this and it rocks)

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