How to do natural makeup like bella swan?

Well I'm going for a Bella Swan look and I want to do my makeup naturally so I thought I'd ask you guys for tips =] I have the same face shape as bella and I am getting extensions in my hair. and I'm dying it dark brown. (Just for something new =]) People say I kind of look like her. So how can I do my makeup like her?



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    Why not try to emulate her? She's a cool character. Alright, her makeup is so easy it's laughable... it's basically what I do every day.

    Minimal is better in this situation. Start with any type of yellow tinted concealer to cover up shadows, and then I'd say instead of using a foundation, try for more of a tinted moisturizer. It doesn't look cakey and it's better for your skin. I use one by Sonia Kashuk that's sold at Target and I think it was like $12 or something. It's lasted me a month now and I've barely used any.

    Powder is important here because it'll set the tinted moisturizer. Apply it with any big floofy brush. A loose powder is best... I used to like NYC's powder. Just make sure it's for pale skin, cause Bella is definitely pale. Swirl it in the powder and tap excess off, then apply all over. That's all you need there. Make sure it's not too much and everything is blended in.

    Pick a natural looking blush and apply that to your cheeks. Don't make it too 80s streakish... Bella blushes naturally. Try for a pale to medium pink that suits your skintone.

    Eyes are easy here, too. She wears browns, and not a lot of them. You can probably get fine stuff from Covergirl. I'd do a natural tan close to your skintone all over the lid up to your brow bone, to highlight it. Then take a medium brown shadow all over your lid to the crease. Then with a darker shadow (but not too dark, you don't want it to look like you're wearing anything.) blend that into the crease. It's best to use brushes for this because they blend easier. I don't use the best brushes in the world. Mine are from Walmart!

    Put on some black mascara and chapstick and you're ready to go. Bella doesn't do her lips up crazy... and chapstick would seem suited to her, don't you think? If you want, you can line your eyes with a brown liner... but I really don't think you need to.

    Keep in mind you don't need expensive makeup for this to work. I guarentee you can find what you need at Walmart or Target, and I know you say you can't afford MAC but when you can... get it. I love the stuff and their shadows are amazing.

    ALSO, before I finish this up. If you're interested in her style as well as the makeup you oughta try this community on Livejournal:

    It's a community I run where people can request clothes they like from movies and then we find a similar or exact match and post it on there. There's a few Bella items right now. If you've got LJ, I suggest you check it out.

    Keep in mind that while going for a certain look is fine, you should always try to maintain your own personal style. Don't lose sight of that or you'll just become a clone!

    Hope I helped!

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    Bella Swan Makeup

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    Kristen Stewart is wearing MAC make up. Her make up artist used a concealer and foundation that matched her skin tone, then used blot powder on both her and Rob throughout the film. Her eyes had MAC eyeshadows Blanc Type, Wedge, and Phloof Cheeks were Danity blush Lips were Benefit silky-finish lipstick in 'Good to Go'

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    1. Dust a light taupe or cream colour shadow all over your eyelid.

    2 Apply 1-2 coats of dark brown or black mascara.

    3. Lightly dust a rosy-pink blush onto your cheeks. (Apply with a large blush brush so it looks more natural.)

    4. Set with a sheer powder foundation.

    5. 1 coat of sheer lip balm.

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    if you can, don't use any foundation, but if you want to cover anything, used a tinted moisturizer [this is lighter and more natural than liquid foundation] or a translucent powder for your skin. any type of powder will look more natural than liquid for your skin. use a very light blush [i love benefit blush, it goes on very naturally] but only a small amount and apply it very sweepingly so it looks natural. for your eyes, use black/brown or brown mascara, and only one coat. you can dust a little white [or any pastel] eyeshadow over your lids like bella does, which is pretty and extenuates your eyes but still looks natural.

    good luck! =]

    Source(s): personal and professional make up tips and watchin twilight a thousand times
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    ok first thing i noticed was her eyebrows you might want to get them shaped like her

    secondly flawless skin:use a good foundation i suggest MAC Studio Fix Foundation

    a very light brown on the lid only no higlight: MAC Eyeshadow [Brule]

    one coat of mascara: Covergirl's [Lashblast in black] of course

    pinkish eyeliner on the bottom waterline: MAC Dual Edge Eye Pencil [Front Row]

    then a pinkish nude lipstick with no gloss:MAC Lipstick [Angel]

    Source(s): you can find subtitutes of these colors at drugstores specially cvs covergirl is a good brand for all the products mentioned above Any CG foundation or powder CG eye enhancers [bedazzled biscotti] for eyeshadow CG's Lashblast in [black] CG eyeslicks gel liners in [shimmering pebble] CG continuous color lipstick in [almost nude]
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    i sort of do a natural look i just put some thin eyeliner only on the top of my eye and mascara i also put some skin tone blush which just keeps you a little more up top in a manner of speaking and if you want bella doesnt but if you want just some skin tone eye shadow with little sparkles,and of course some lipgloss

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    It is called 'au naturelle'

    and it involves minimal makeup, maybe a little foundation to cover up redness, some blush, and tint or whatever you want.

    DO NOT change yourself into a clutzy whiney little dependant girl however.

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    Youtube thumbnail


    watch that video it tells how to do it.

    its a youtube so not some crazy person trying to spam you lol

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    god i hate twilight.

    why look like someone? do what suits you!! experiment and find something youuuu like!

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