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Bringing husband to america?

I am a permanent resident of the United States, do i have to be an American citizen to apply to bring my spouse into the country?

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    YES YOU CAN bring your spouse if you are a permanent resident as well as your children if you have any. Please check this link to the official immigration website:

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    I'll say that shortly:

    For him to come and get a green card you must be a citizen.

    For him to come with you without the abillity for him to work and get a green card is something you can do as a permanent resident, when you got your citizenship he could apply for a green card but until you are a citizen he could live in the US with a special visa without working (or atleast without working legally).

    Consult an immigration attorney.

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    Yes, you would. If you decide to apply for citizenship (which may take a while) after being and official citizen i.e. after taking the oath, you can basically sort of "sign up" to get your husband so that he can also become a citizen or residency or etc...... but it does take a while for this to happen

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    You must be an American citizen, yes.

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    Yes, you must be a citizen for you to sponsor your husband.

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    Depends on how much money you are making, etc.

    It would make it easier.

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