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*Is the mass slaughter of Palestinians meant to bait Iran as Arabs suffer under 40$ barrels ?

Oil drops in price significantly -- good for us - bankrupting for the oil producers as their income is slashed

Israel begins a well timed assault when the economies of those who would or might intervene suddenly have a pay cut to their economies

The fear is Iran will get involved ..... if Iran gets involved oil prices will go up - if Iran does not get involved --- business speculators forecast a 30 dollar barrel of oil

Iran saves the Palestinians and their income goes up -- Iran stays out and the price will go down -- Iran's income will go down

---------------------- Is this a well timed attempt to provoke Iran into war using human tragedy and economic might to motivate them into the conflict Israel so desperately wants ?


Early Tuesday, Israeli aircraft dropped at least 16 bombs on five Hamas government buildings in a Gaza City complex, destroying them, witnesses said. Israel's defense minister Ehud Barak promised a "war to the bitter end against Hamas" and allied militants.

Crude prices have rallied 14 per cent since Friday on concerns that the conflict could heighten tensions between Middle East oil power Iran and Israel and the U.S., said Jonathan Kornafel, Asia director for market maker Hudson Capital Energy in Singapore.

"The danger is Iran getting involved," Kornafel said. "Any tension in the Middle East is going to involve the whole region."

"This problem isn't going to go away overnight. It's been a big disaster."

Expectations that a slowing global economy will dampen crude demand have helped contain the rally in oil prices. If the Israel-Gaza conflict doesn't escalate, prices could break below $30 during the next few months, Kornafel said.

Update 2:

Link to the article from Yahoo business section published today

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    its funny how so many call for the attack of iran and love what israels doing. these same people scream when gas hits $4 a gallon. they fail to realise that if we just turn iran to a car park like so many would love that oil would hit around $300 a barrel as one of the biggest producers would be out of action. untill they can give me definate proof that iran is a threat because at the moment iran doesnt seem the slightest bit threatening. its just the media doing iraq all over again ill start to be concerned. at the moment though im just concerned that these war mongers may get their wish and my weekly fuel bill will triple or even more

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    Wow, since when has being attacked unprovoked for days and warning the aggressors been spun to be mass slaughter when it is the Hamas that is hiding behind women and children. In war you are suppose to move away from civilians to attack not use them as shields. Also it was the Hamas that was the initial aggressor as always. To blame Israel is just wrong and ignorant. Look back at the history of Israel and you will see that the Arabs were attacking the Jews even before Israel became a Nation. Also the Arab nations surrounding Israel at least twice tried to push Israel into the sea.

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    Look....all of you need to wake up! This stupid asinine conflict has been going on for over 5000 years. the only people who win in this stupidity are the politicians,war lords and people who wish to control the poor slobs who can't find a better way out! You will only go on killing the innocent! 6000 rockets in two years...what the hell do you expect the Israels to do. Hamas willn't negotiate...they wan't Israel wiped off the face of the earth. Iran wants the same and will use NUKES to do it. What will you have then...alot of dead innocent people on both sides. You will have a nuclear waste land that nobody will want or could survive in!! Keep going guys you will get there in the end! Hopefully, you will not drag the rest of the world into the cesspool of stupidity! Tagger

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    What mass slaughters are you talking about and OPEC controls barrel prices.Oil demand has not dropped in any developing country and has only slowed here because the consumers took back control over the robbing traders on Wall Street. Finally, there is little to know chance that oil producer will lose a dime or will ever go bankrupt. Peace

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    i'd question your use of the note "slaughtered". yet, otherwise, they have executed what they have continuously executed -- no longer a dang element. reason? they don't care. The palestinians are sensible political pawns to apply hostile to Israel, yet they don't supply a rat's butt about them otherwise. no longer to point that anytime an arab united states *does* make a gesture in route of them, they wrestle to kill and smash the country. Gee, i ask your self why evil Israel purely won't be able to get alongside with them? :O

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    What is the point of reporting an American who question or criticize Israel--What are the benefits?

    Wouldn't mini-Gods want to hear what Americans think of our Superior

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    I don't see a good way for Iran to get involved. They would have to fly over Iraq and get chewed up by our CAP's

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    Israel has every right to defend her population against the terrorist organization of Hamas. Period, dot end of story. Bring of the F16's and blow those terrorists to bits.

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    This is Israel responding with force to terrorists shooting rockets at Israeli civilians.

    Why is the true, simple answer avoided like the plague by conspiracy nuts?

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    Hmmm, that is a thought.

    "Zen master say's; We'll see"

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