who can name 5 benefits of cacao? e.g. for diabetes?

i am out in rio de janeiro, and looking at acai and cacao

interesting use of cacao by the aztecs, when it was not made as a sweet, but more medicinal uses

i get back to europe end january. gathering info

can give links, one is on http://peterksaunders.com/ - any other recommendations gratefully received

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    Chocolate and cocoa contain a high level of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health.[6][7][8] The ingestion of flavonol-rich cocoa is associated with acute elevation of circulating nitric oxide, enhanced flow-mediated vasodilation, and augmented microcirculation.[9]

    Prolonged intake of flavonol-rich cocoa has been linked to cardiovascular health benefits,[6][7][8] though it should be noted that this refers to raw cocoa and to a lesser extent, dark chocolate, since flavanoids degrade during cooking and alkalizing processes. Milk chocolate's addition of whole milk reduces the overall cocoa content per ounce while increasing saturated fat levels, possibly negating some of cocoa's heart-healthy potential benefits. Nevertheless, studies have still found short term benefits in LDL cholesterol levels from dark chocolate consumption.[10]

    Hollenberg and colleagues of Harvard Medical School studied the effects of cocoa and flavanols on Panama's Kuna Indian population, who are heavy consumers of cocoa. The researchers found that the Kuna Indians living on the islands had significantly lower rates of heart disease and cancer compared to those on the mainland who do not drink cocoa as on the islands. It is believed that the improved blood flow after consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa may help to achieve health benefits in hearts and other organs. In particular, the benefits may extend to the brain and have important implications for learning and memory.[11][12]

    Cacao also contains large amounts of antioxidants such as epicatechins and polyphenols. According to research at Cornell University, cocoa powder has nearly twice the antioxidants of red wine, and up to three times the antioxidants found in green tea. [13] Cacao also contains magnesium, iron, chromium, vitamin C, zinc and others.

    Foods rich in cocoa appear to reduce blood pressure but drinking green and black tea may not, according to an analysis of previously published research in the April 9, 2007 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine[7], one of the JAMA/Archives journals.[14]

    A 15-year study of elderly men[15] published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006 found a 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular mortality and a 47 percent reduction in all-cause mortality for the men regularly consuming the most cocoa, compared to those consuming the least cocoa from all sources.

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