Since the Palestinians can lay the same claim to about every country in the middle east?

Why is their "policy" so Israeli centric . . .? Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Iran . . . all of the major middle eastern players at one time were occupied in part by the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, all Arab nation boundaries were drawn by the western powers . . . so why are Israel's boundaries in question when the entire region was divided by the stroke of a western pen?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When the U.N. set up the border for Israel the land for the Palestinians was stolen by Jordan, why don't the Palestinians attack Jordon?

    Saudi Arabia did not exist until after World War l, and neither did other countries in the Middle East until the Ottoman Empire was broken into pieces.

    There was no country of Palestine, but there was a Kurdistan, so why doesn't the news people complain about the killing of Kurds?

    Anyone who thinks there will be peace if Israel gives up some more land doesn't understand that the Arabs will not be satisfied until Israel and all of its people are gone, and I mean dead.

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    i still find it interesting that the palestinians so called ''arab brethren'',won't allow them to settle in their lands.of course the Israelis should give back the west bank,but i do understand why they occupied it.

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    1 decade ago

    Its a religious thing I think They hate the Jews and their claim to a "promised land", they draw on the Koran which tells them to kill infidels when they threaten "Muslim" land.

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