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israel question??????????????

what are the 10 significant cities and sights in israel, what are most important thing to visit

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    Tel Aviv


    Israel is so small that you can really go anywhere from anywhere for a short distance.

    You need to see the Old City in Jerusalem, the tunnels and the four different sections (Christian, Jewish, Armenian, Muslim)

    Mosada is amazing, and dont take tbhe cable car, walk it :)

    The Dead Sea is very touristy but its really good and you can see Jordan on the other side.

    In Tel Aviv I recommend going to Jaffa (or Yaffo) which is this very ancient town just next to Tel Aviv.

    Yad Vashem is compulsory (Holocaust Museum)

    I've been to a few around the world but Yad Vashem is by far the best.

    You should go to Har Herzl where Herzl is buried

    Have a good trip

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    Garden of Gethsemane

    The Tomb

    Western Wall

    River Jordan


    Jesus' birthplace


    where Jesus grew up

    Sea of Galilee

    Valley of Megiddo

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    Tel Aviv


    Tel Dan


    Beir Sheva





    Source(s): just a guess. you ask two things beir sheva is a significant city but not a site.. it stinks :(
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    definitely Jerusalem b.c it is the holiest place

    the dead sea is awesome (you float in it- and can put the mud all over you, it's said to have healing powers)

    Tel Av iv

    TO NADA- where on the map does it say Palestine because i'm looking and i just don't see it??

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    they have a sabbath key on elevators so that the elevator stops at every level and they dont work more than needed. Honestly, what is that???

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    jerusalem ( capital)

    tel aviv


    dead sea


    sea of galilee


    negav desert

    holocaust museum, jerusalem

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    Wth?? Jerusalem belong to Palestine!!!

    Alex- Well then you're blind.

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