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Eating special K while dieting?

Im dieting&exercising. I've lost 10 pounds in 2 and a half months! I need to lose 10 more pounds. But I cant stop eating special K cereal. I eat like 3 bowls a day with 2% milk. I eat other normal foods too during the day like bread, cooked veggies and stuff like that. Butt.. Is eating so much special K like really bad for my diet? Otherwise I eat really healthy, no junk food, lots of water, lots of fruits and veggies. But it's the overeating of special K which I'm not sure about! Advice, anyone?

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    Special K is no more a "diet food" than my left shoe is. It is touted as a diet cereal by the company who processes it, you have to realise they want to make good profits from our ignorance. It is still a processed food, with perhaps a little less sugar added to the processed cereal. ALL processed foods should be avoided like the plague whether you are dieting or not. Milk of course is meant for calves, not human beings, and the homogenised milk is the worst you can drink, the fat is broken down by a process into nano particles that pass straight through the artery walls to be deposited bit by bit until your arteries are clogged over the years. So avoid processed milk. ANYTHING that has been mucked around with by mankind is always going to compomise your health. Eat as nature provided and eat the whole food, it has a perfect balance of minerals and vitamins.

    Put into your body only foods (fuel) that will make it work at oprimum health. Foods that have been heated to high temperatures such as you special K, has absolutely NO nutritional value whatsoever and it is only because people who eat it are already on diets and the processors of this "foodless food" will claim it is because of their product. All food that has been grown and enters your body in it's natural, whole state will keep the fat from accumulating, and impart all the essentials to keep you away from the doctor. He will only give you chemicals that will slowly poison you and bring your health down.

    Use your head, and your intelligence and go onto some sites that deal with natural foods and take their advice.

    So to sum up, the special K is processed and has no goodness in it whatsoever, just starchy junk, and the milk has been processed (not as it came from the cow) and will clog your arteries in the end and contribute to a weight gain. Put those two together and your diet is not really all that healthy.


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    Well it is low in fibre but other wise milk and Special K is a good snack and better than eating cookies, cake, chips or candy.

    You have lost 10 pounds sensibly so just keep up what you have been doing and you should lose another ten.

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    Well, if you've lost 10lbs while doing this I don't think it's going to hurt your diet. However, you might want to consider switching to skim (non-fat) milk which has fewer calories and less fat and just as many nutrients. This might help the weight loss go a little faster.

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