hi, going on date, questin plzz from 13 yr old?


am going on date to movies wit a girl from skool that i really like and am needing help plz

1st, wen we get to the movies, what eexactly do i ask for ,? "two for [insert movie title here] " ?

2nd, should i make sure to dress rele nice and smlell good?

3rd, how can i make it to make sure she isnt uncomfortable?

sorry for bad spelling


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    Hey Man im also 13 and Ive gone on lots of dates. Heres some tips,obvisoslly you got to look and smell nice try some jeans with a nice shirt and an open jacket and closed shoes with deo. You seem stressed about this you must just relax.You sould maybe go watch a comedy and ask her lots of questions about herself and tell her she looks lovely(girls love hearing that).To make sure it dosent get uncomfortable you must keep talking,lauging and enjoying the experence so there isnt a long dead silence. When you ask for a movie you just say 2 for(whatever) and pay the man. You must always try to look confident and in control but make sure not to get cockey and the most inportant thing is YOU GOT TO HAVE FUN.

    Hope it helps and good luke

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    Just relax and be yourself - that always helps!

    1) Two tickets for "..........." please (then he hands them to you) thanks

    Make sure it's a movie she wants to see not a guy movie like actually ask her what she wants to see(maybe she likes guy movies - idk - you get the point)

    2) Dress like you would normally dress but no old ratty smelly clothes even if it is your fav sweater and YES!!! ALWAYS SMELL GOOD!!!! (excellent that you asked - you're a step ahead of every other guy on this planet - lol)

    Make sure that you don't go out of your way to look good and don't wear to strong colon or spray or whatever --------- and brush your teeth really good no eating onions or eggs, etc anything that would make a kiss taste bad - bad experience trust me ----- bring breath mints or gum just in case

    3) Talk to her before and a bit during the movie (ex - if something is funny then laugh(obviously) and say like that was funny or that was good and turn to see her reaction) and talk to her after the movie about the movie and other stuff too

    Mainly just be yourself - and some other rules

    1 - no talking about other girls to her or around her

    2 - don't EVER compare her to a family member of yours or hers

    3 - GUM IS LETHAL if you tend to have bad breath

    PS - if your comfortable and she appears to be then go ahead and do "the move" on her --- if she resists then back off A LITTLE not all the way( like don't completely exclude her

    MOST OF ALL ----- just relax if she liked you enough to say yes to going out with you then she won't be disgusted by you all of a sudden when ur there right?]

    Good Luck you'll do fine

    sorry for too much writing lol

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    1) say "hello, may i get 2 tickets for the [insert time here] showing of [insert movie here]? thanks.

    2) dress a tiny bit more nicer than you do at school, but still stay casual. like wear a [unbuttoned] button-up shirt with a blank tee shirt underneath, some jeans, and sneakers. Definitely smell good! if you guys plan on cuddling up, you do not want to smell like B.O. *but do NOT where a load of old mens cologne...you can choke her lol

    3) talk to her as much as you can. don't make her feel like you just asked her out so you can make-out in the dark for 2 hours...get to know her, joke around. possibly, if there is an arcade, challenge her to game, or take pictures in the little photo booth. hold her hand or if you don't think she'll get too tense, walk behind her and hold her waist. when you are in the actual movie, let her walk in front of you so she will be the one to pick the seats she likes. (if you plan on sitting in the back row, make sure to get there early. couples fill up that row quickk) put up the little arm rest in the middle, and kind of cuddle with her. if you can feel her heart beating really fast, or she is breathing hard, she may be nervous...you'll know when its time to lean in for the kiss.

    thats all i know from experience...hope i helped :]]

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    I'm a girl so hopefully i can help.

    1st- Ask her what she wants to see before you get there and then ask for the two tickets to the movie of her choice. Even if you don't like the movie it's gonna be worth it.

    2nd- Don't over dress but don't under dress. And do shower the day of the movie. DEODERANT TOO! THATS A MUST!

    3rd- Hmm my first date he brought a friend and i did too. That was MUCH more comfortable. Try that.

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    Okay this is one of my favorite subjects.

    Let's start off. Since this is probably your first date with her, you have to make it good. No pressure, but the first impression is always the best, if she doesn't like the first date then chances are you won't get a second one with her.

    Yes, make sure you smell nice, but not too much. and breath mints are really important.. Wear something simple but make sure you look nice, like for example, some jeans with a t-shirt and a pull over jacket.. and Obviously, if she gets cold, let her wear it and get closer to her... If you know of any bands that she likes, try wearing a band tee from w/e band it is.

    Okay now when you get there, please be sure to be there early, about 10-20 minutes before she gets there. Obviously open the door for her and all that crap, but don't over do it, give her some space.. Once you decide on what movie you're watching, give her some money and tell her to like buy popcorn or something while you get the tickets... You're obviously gonna have to spend money kiddo so take about 30 dollars.. Even if you won't need it all, you wouldn't wanna be caught with not enough money. Okay after you guys like buy the tickets and all that crap, if you guys still have time, like if the movie doesn't start for another 10 minutes or so, try to sit and talk with her. The thing I don't like about the movies is that there isn't enough communication. But try to make the best out of it. All through your date make her feel comfortable and not pressured... Once you're on the theater like watching the movie and all. Don't just try to kiss her. God. Many kids mess up dates like this. Okay sure, have your arm around her, girls like that, but she also wants to watch the movie so don't spend the whole plot of the movie making out with her... If there is a kissing scene in the movie, make eye contact and kiss her softly.. Again, don't rush it, only if you feel you're both ready.. and if she pulls away don't keep going. So after the movie is over, don't call for anyone to pick you up like right away. Go outside with her and find a place to be alone. Talk to her and try to make her laugh. Then obviously you can kiss her if you're both in the mood... Once she leaves, don't kiss her in front of who ever is picking her up, hug her and you can kiss her hand.

    Hope I helped, have fun =]

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    ok wellz being a 13 yr old grl i think i can help : ]

    First, the movie thing, umm yea say it however u want, no worries that should be good

    Second, the dressing nice thing, just make sure the clothes fits and is clean cuz i know my brother wears shirts that don't fit and that he wore twice already but he didn't wash them (eww). Just dress like you always do at school(unless u wear uniforms : ]) and just be like u always r around her, but yeaa make sure u smell good, but if u use axe or something like that not too much if u have a sister ask her to help u make sure u dont smell like a body spray factory : ]

    Third, act like u always do!! if ur comfortable, she will be comfortable, my best guy friend had the same question. try as hard as u can not to be nervous cuz if u like her and she likes u wats the worry really? just remember that feelings are contagious. If you feel weird, so will she. But if u feel good about urself and you r comfortable she will be to. act like ur cool-self but dont be an @$$ cuz egos aren't hot. confidence, is. Good Luck!!

  • Shape up your spelling or she won't keep you for long :P

    But back to your question.

    Make sure you discuss which movie she and you want to watch keep in mind romantic scenes can make it uncomfortable so you might want to steer away from romantic comedies just for the first date. Unless of course she wants to watch a romantic comedy then that's fine.

    1) Hi, two tickets for (Inserted movie) please *smile*

    2) Casual Attire is probably the best choice but make it nicer then what you normally wear at school but not by much. Maybe you could do your hair spiky or something that plays up your features.

    Smelling good is absolutely mandatory thing. I haven't met one girl who doesn't love a good smelling guy. It makes us want to snuggle closer to you guys :) Double check with some girl friends to see if your scent smells nice because it would be embarrassing if it smelt absolutely revolting.

    3) When in doubt make give her something to laugh about. Humor is attracting to all and scores brownie points :)

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    1. do you mean which movie you should ask for? you two should agree on one movie, obviously, and just ask for two tickets. it's really not complicated.

    2. yes you should dress nice and smell good--but don't over do it with the body scent because your girl might not like it. and don't over dress either, you don't want to come off as trying to hard. it's just the movies, dress casual. like you would any other day but with just a little more oomph.

    3. ask her if she's comfortable/alright with everything maybe once or twice. don't keep asking her and don't keep worrying about it. you should be able to tell if she's feeling uncomfortable. use your guy intuition!

    good luck! hope this helped.

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    1. Yes, that is exactly what you say....Hi I'd like two for (insert movie title)...then say...thank you...(always nice to be polite)...

    2. Always dress and smell good...regardless of who you are going with...you never know who might be at the movies....but especially when you are going with a girl....

    3. Make her laugh, if you can get comfortable with her....make some natural jokes....it's always a plus if you can make a girl laugh...

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    1. Yeah, just be polite and stuff.

    2. Wear just casual clothes like jeans and a polo shirt or somethngnis cute :) and yes smell nice but not overpowering because she DOES have to sit next to you....

    3. She'll probably be A little obvious if she's uncomfortable. She probably won't be because if she was uncomfortable Around you, she wouldn't go out on a date with you. LOL.

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