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help me.......... what do you think?>?

i have had very bad head achs for the past week now, i mean non stop. and its not a normal head achs. im not affected by light or sound.

i also have had some memory loss over the past few months but has gotten a lot worse .

other symptoms i have been having are:

im dissy a lot

feel as though i might pass out fromtime totime

have not had my period in 4 months ( not preg)

i made an appointment with my doctor but all she wants to do is give me more pills. what kind of test could i go get done??


i live in nova scotia canada, i think im good with the west nile :) .

thanks guys, im kinda scared now though :S

Update 2:

4boys mama: what is a carotid dissection??

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    Dear Friend,

    I will explain my husband's past illness, which may not apply to you, but you may want to take my advice.

    My husband had a pituitary tumor 10 years ago. Because of his headaches and blurred vision, he went to his eye doctor. The eye doctor SAW something during the eye exam. He recommended and set up an appointment for an ophthalmologist who SAW a TUMOR. He in turn sent him a neurologist.

    The doctor could only remove part of the tumor because of the location. So please...don't wait around. My husband lives a very normal life. (Grin)

    By the way.. Hahaha, my great grandparents were from Nova Scotia. (Grin)

    Prayers and Blessings...

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    go see a neurologist and get an MRI of the brain and neck to rule out a carotid dissection, chiari malformation, and MS. If they all come up negative, you may need medication or birth control pills to control the headaches.

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    Just recently I had terrible crazy headaches, (i NEVER get them)

    and I had memory loss

    They gave me an emergency CT Scan to rule out brain tumor or blockage, and a blood test.

    I had West Nile

    It sucked

    I dunno where you live, but I live in Idaho, and that's where I got it

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    it might be a tumor affecting your pituitary gland which could be why you did not have your period. it might not be cancerous though or your period could just be irregular

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