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help me!! ...... what do you think?

have had very bad head achs for the past week now, i mean non stop. and its not a normal head achs. im not affected by light or sound.

i also have had some memory loss over the past few months but has gotten a lot worse .

other symptoms i have been having are:

im dissy a lot

feel as though i might pass out fromtime totime

have not had my period in 4 months ( not preg)

i made an appointment with my doctor but all she wants to do is give me more pills. what kind of test could i go get done??


oh ya! sorry im 19

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    how old are you?

    maybe you should insist on getting a ct scan and blood workup. if you go to your doctor make sure they know you are very concerned. let me know how it works ok for you! hope your feeling better!

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    Get an MRI


    Change Doctor ASAP

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    any time you do not get clear answers or help from a Dr. get another Dr. I find many of them don't listen anymore. They just write prescriptions unfortunately.

    How is your blood pressure? Are your eye pupils the same size? Age? Those things are important.

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    maybe you might have alzheimer's?

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