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Israel state that they "gave" Gaza in 2005 and yet?

When were Palestine fishing boats allowed to fish in their waters ? If as Israel stated, Gaza belong to the Palestinians, that has to include their coast line and waters.


darkAL Great link which does not even mention Palestinian fishing boats !! Can you do a little better next time

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    israel says it gave the palestinians GAZA it was their so what. it did so to create an open prison of children, men, women, old and young. like we saw in warsaw.

    it then laid a siege on the strip for 18month and its still going.

    it then carried out terror attacks on the palestinians, assassination, murder and mass killing by starvation and thirst and lack of medicine

    the palestinian resistance resisted with futile rockets as a protest that have caused the death of 4 israelis while up to now 400+ Palestinians have been massacred.

    It is Palestinians that are under occupation. It’s their land that has been take. it is the Palestinians that have been ethnically cleansed and evicted from their land and home. Justice is that Palestinians are free from the river to the sea

    the oppressor, the killing, the terrorist, the racist/apartheid state is Israel.

    free free Palestine

    from the river to the sea

    no justice no peace

    Gaza has become the new Warsaw

    Israel the new apartheid state

    Zionism the new Nazism

    Long live the resistance

    for justice and peace one democratic state from the river to the sea for all.

    A brit for justice and peace

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    As soon as the Palestinians started fishing, the Sea was used to smuggle more weapons into Gaza. Israel has no choice but to wall the murderers in and isolate them. If the Palestinians were not so hateful, they would enjoy peace and prosperity. And their own nation. But they refuse to over come the hatred.

  • mido
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    Agree 100%

    And this is the core of whatt's happening now.

    The Palestinians are practically still under Israeli occupation because nothing can go in or out through Gaza without taking a permission from Israel.

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    They DO fish in the water. Israel simply doesn't allow ships to enter Gaza's sea since Hamas constantly keeps trying to bring hidden weapons into Gaza using humanitarian aid boats and similar vessels.

    Get your facts straight.

    Edit: First of all, it's dark-ai, not dark-AL. Secondly - As usual, you focus on how poor the Palestinians are instead of focusing on the reason why things are as they are. Instead of focusing on stopping Hamas from bringing in weapons so that the Palestinians can fish in peace, you focus on how Israel are bad for trying to prevent weapons from entering Gaza to be shot on Israel later on.

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    If hamas would quit trying to dominate israel the conflicts would end.

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