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In the United states, why must one be on either one side or the other?

Why in American Politics, is there such polarization? You have many that believe you are either a conservative or a liberal, left or right, Homo enabler or Homophobic, hippie or hick, Satan worshiper or Jesus freak, Anti-American Terrorist supporter or Blind Anti-constitutional rights Patriot?

Why has American politics devolved into just a set of black or white views? Why is there middle gray area allowed?

Personally, I am Financially conservative, I hate the idea of credit and only pay in cash. I feel that if you pay taxes you deserve the exact same rights as any other person in the United States.

And those rights include eligibility but not the obligation to receive Free Public Education, the right to defend your self, your family, and property by any means necessary, the right to follow any religion or creed you choose or none at all, without fear of having the religious views of anyone else made into a law affecting everyone, the right to choose your occupation provided you have the skills and determination to do it, the right to not have to pay for the failure of others, the right to free basic healthcare (only enough to ensure that your health does not become a hazard to others), with anything more coming at a cost to you, The right to have intimate relations with whom you please, providing that they consent to the relationship, The right to legal recognition and protection of such relationships, regardless of the gender, religion, race, national origin, or any other demographic trait of the parties involved, which may be more than 2, . And all of the rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I feel that international treaties should be upheld and given the same authority as constitutional law.

I believe that all people, even our enemies, even people that would not extend to us the same rights we extend to them should be treated as human beings, and be treated with dignity, and be given a fair and public trial.

This country is so horribly polarized between two ideals that it is destroying us. The Historian Will Durant said "No great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within." This polarization is wreaking havoc on us in a time where our full attention needs to be on the several futures that have the power to destroy all of Humanity, if not the entire world.

A single mutation in a disease could become so deadly that it could wipe every last human being out.

At any moment we may discover a meteor headed straight for Earth, and we would be woefully unprepared for it.

Global tensions are rising, primarily between Islam and the west, and the world must find some way to avoid a catastrophic war from unfolding.

There are too many people on the planet, our numbers are unsustainable, and worse, they are growing exponentially. The sheer volume of resources that Humanity and especially the United States consumes is staggering, we Simply can not continue this level of consumption. Fresh Water supplies are beginning to dwindle in much of the world, and it will soon come to a point where entire nation will go to war over drinking water, while in the United States hundreds of millions of gallons of fresh water go into swimming pools and lawns.

Man made Global Climate change has now been proven beyond a doubt (at least to the scientific community) to be real, and as such we will have to take drastic measures to reverse the situation, This is of the utmost importance, without a habitable planet to live on, NOTHING else matters, not the United States, not any wars, not human rights, not religion, not the economy. Without a planet that humans can live on, there is nothing.

Simply put, The United States must get over it's political and ideological differences immediately and work as one united nation to address the many issues that the world is facing, or we will likely destroy ourselves and bring the world down with us.


Fu x, I myself am Gay, I was using general statements used by the opposing views.

And if you read what I said at all, you would know I said I supported Gay rights.

Update 2:

Craven, Simply put, both must reach a compromise. If we do not, at best, our nation will be torn apart into two nations, and at worst, our problem will go unchecked and we will all die, all because we could not get along.

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    We as humans have innate needs to feel righteous and to have a sense that we as individuals have access to the truth and knowledge of all that's good and right.

    Those feelings are only valid if there's an opposing group that we can look down on and despise as unrighteous and ignorant, and maybe evil.

    So it's natural for a society to divide itself basically into 2 relatively equal-sided camps: Capitalists/communists, Catholics/Protestants, Repubs/Dems, etc.

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    To bring an end to the problem by majority. Answer can be right or wrong. Otherwise the problem will remain unattended for years together. This is the only logical way to solve the problem.

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    So, which side lays down and lets the other side rule? Don't be fooled, there will be no coming together of both sides into a common direction.

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    2 Corinthians 6 : 14 ~ Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers : for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness ? and what communion hath light with darkness .. KJB

    Source(s): Man will never solve his problems without the Lord !
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    we're heading to the end of the world, as you and i know it

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    I am against you talking so much.

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    Israel lobby

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    I agree with your STATEMENT.

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