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what are some stylistic devices in this poem? (simile,personification, imagery etc)?

Essence Of A Rose

Simplicity of natures rose

Swaying in the gentle breeze

The vibrant colour of a rose bud

As the petals unfurl in the morning light

A world is filled with beauty

A rose is pure delight

With its sweet scent

The rose is the ambassador of romance

The gift of all our love

It has been used to win affections

Of many a woman's heart

As the silent essence of a rose

With all its beauty of the bud with

Petals opening slowly with the essence that is love

That has Brightened up the day

And placed a smile upon your face

For a rose is a gift of natures beauty

And a gift of natures love

Darryn John Murphy

is the theme nature is beautiful?

how does the theme develop?

im having so much trouble with this please help!!!!

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    Banal poem. Like a bad birthday card verse.

    Hasn't got any similes in it. Hasn't really got any imagery aside from asking you to think of a rose. It doesn't do any of the work of conjuring up mental pictures for you that a poem's supposed to do -

    As regards personification - 'the ambassador of romance' probably classifies as personification. 'The gift of all our love' could possibly be classed as a metaphor. '...silent essence of a rose' isn't really a stylistic device - a rose DOES have a perfumed essence and, yes, it is silent.

    'a rose is a gift of nature's beauty' and 'a gift of nature's love' - might be classed as metaphors, although should, more properly, be classed as metaphorical cliches.

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    Hmmm...I have the slightest idea. But great poem!

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