I need help with the set up for a wireless Lan that is built in to my HP computer with Vista?

I need help with a Wireless Lan setup?

l purchased a computer that has a wireless card built in. l went through the set up and l am having difficulty having my laptop acknowledge the desktop and for that matter my blackberry that has WiFi cant acknowledge the wireless card. l am either doing something wrong or my expectations are wrong. l assumed that having the wireless Lan built in it would be would be easy to have my laptop and blackberry recognize it. l really need help here.


Ironman from Hamilton, Ontario

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you want your devices to connect directly to each other you need to set up all the wireless cards to use Ad-hoc mode. The better solution would be to purchase a wireless router ($50 - $100), and have all the devices connect via that central point - this is how most networks are set up, even small home networks. This in known as Infrastructure mode, and is the default settings for most wireless devices.

    The router also acts as your connection to the internet, so all the devices can use a single internet connection at the same time.

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