I dunno what to do with my hair!?

its long and medium-dark brown hair straight...boring, and i have sidebangs. i have an oval face, and i wanted bangs but people keep telling me to get sidebangs...but i wear them back so often no one knows i have them...but i've had side-bangs for a year and a half.

i want to post pics but i dont have photo bucket or anything. i may re-post this question with pics.

PLZ i hate my hair, and i am dying to get bangs but ppl tell me differently and im scared the hair dresser will screw it up. i want it to be like miley cyrus' bangs and more like taylor momsen.



more like her bangs (taylor momsen)

if thats what feathered bangs are then thanks reply #1

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes go with the feathered bangs then invest in a wave iron and wave your hair in a pretty and deep wave then pin half of it up in a cute style if you don't want wavy hair try big rollers and sit under the dryer for a big rolled set look that you can pull back or pin up also. also take a big curling iron or even a medium sized one and curl your bang outward or inward so they aren't in your face or if they get in your way and you want to show people you have bangs just take a small bit of gel or mousse and lay them down across your forehead and brush them there add a little hair spray and you've got flare!

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  • 1 decade ago

    ask for feathered bangs, then it won't be cut straight across (like demi lavato) i personally like feathered bangs waaaaay more than bangs cut straight across

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