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I have a Toshiba 27AF43 television. I started seeing white lines in the top of the screeen coming down about 2 inches. I looked online and found it was probably a bad capacitor in the vertical deflection section. I opened the TV and found the spot on the bord that says V-out, but I can't seem to find the required capacitors (C406 - C409). I also notcied this:

Is this a capacitor that leaked or is the white stuff just some silicone or something? This cap is number C521, could it be my poblem?

Any info would be great.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's just silicone glue, those capacitors you mention are in ONE of THREE areas...the Vertical output area (that's the C 400 series of numbers you mentioned), THEN there's the Vertical Power Supply area located by the HIGH VOLTAGE transformer. That's important to find the 27 to 30 volt supply on that and replace the filtering caps too....

    And on SOME brands like Toshiba, you have to find the caps around the VIDEO processing IC...that's where your Vertical sawtooth signal is created, and leaky caps distort the sawtooth, creating white lines at the top of the picture....

    THOSE are not fun to find....even for a TV tech.

    These caps don't leak...they need ESR'd with an ESR meter.

    A lot of TV Techs have that meter, but hurry, they are becoming an obsolete meter nowadays....

    I don't think I've used my ESR meter in over 5 years....

    Source(s): Over 26 years servicing TV sets
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