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What are the root causes of problems in Lebanon and how do the U.S. and Israel factor into this?

e.g. the rise of Hezbollah, the civil war, instability and ethnic tension.

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    Lebanon Just Fired Rockets Into Israel?

    Just heard on the radio that Lebanon had just fired 2 rockets into northern Israel.

    ''Two rockets have been fired from Lebanon into northern Israel, causing damage but no casualties, Israeli police and military officials say.

    The salvo against the border town of Shlomi jarred Israel, which came under rocket barrages from Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas during a war in 2006.

    Why would Lebanon be doing this now when everyone is trying to work on a Peace Agreement?

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  • The root causes of problems in Lebanon are power hungry politicians who use religion as an excuse to fight, so this is partly where Hezbollah comes in. Hezbollah is also trying to get rid of Israel, so whenever they fight Israel, the U.S. drags itself in and supports Israel by giving them millions or billions of dollars, while Israeli's kill hundreds of innocent children, and in 2006, they killed thousands of children in Lebanon. And of course, all of this is under-reported in the Western world.

    I'm not trying to put the blame on one group, because I think ultimately, we are all guilty in the end for allowing these ridiculous wars to continue.

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    Israel is trying to destroy all the middle eastern countries!!!!!!

    Like that war when i wasn't born was awful (In Lebanon)

    And now Gaza! I mean what do they want from US?!

    They want to blow us up?!!?

    On the news i see Jordanian/Lebanese/Turkish flags everywhere!

    They are all mad because of the war!!!!

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    i think u mean gaza right now. and the problem is that the hamas guys keep sending rockets to isreal and expect isreal not to retaliate. and after isreal dose they just keep sending more rockets. isreal had been nice to them and warned them not to anymore but they don't care. and another problem is that hamas are hiding among civilians. its a distraction for isreal not to attack them back while they are attacking them. but isreal wont be so nice this time so they sent warning to civilians and yea..

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    The garbage in their hearts, that is in their homes that fills the street.

    Ignorance is the biggest problem facing all arab states.

    Source(s): Watwat
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