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Is it weird to like a lot ( i mean ALOT) of guys at once?

ok i'm fourteen and i like alot of guys and pls dont say its hormonal. I Like four real ppl and hector williams and charles grey from the unit plus edward cullen and jacob black ( do they count) . I tend to get obsessive (but not like stalker creepy) with guys i ve never even talked to. like instantly. Is this slutty or normal?


and i ve never had a boyfriend

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    Its normal ... I recently found an old diary of mine from back when I was in grade 8 so I was 13 or 14 ... anyways I laughed when I was reading it because at the end of every entry, in a heart I wrote ALLLL my crushes names lol ... there was Johnathan Brandis, Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Mark? (not sure who that is) Darryl from school and Adam from school LOL!! its completely normal! I know you dont wanna hear this BUT you are at the age where boys have all of a sudden taken a front seat and all you can think of is a kiss from one of your crushes .. its all good girlie!! your normal! your only sluttly if you are running around doing stuff with these guys. :)

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    one of my friends is like that she has so many people she likes and im just like wow but i think its ok

    but if you ever start going out

    dont cheat

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