My second CD ROM drive doesn't recognize there is a disk in the drive what's wrong? how do i fix this?

I have a dvd/cd rom drive at the top and a cd rom drive at the bottom. The bottom drive does not recognize there is a disk in the drive, it won't play the disk, or when I go to my computer it says there is not a disk in the drive. How can i fix this and what is wrong?

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    Things to consider:

    1. The age of your computer

    2. The amount of usage on your CD rom (wear and tear)

    3. Maybe the disc is damaged.

    4. You might require to reinstall drivers for that CD drive.


    1. CD/DVD drives don't last forever, and if you use it to burn, rip and even play movies your using up its life. Over time, it could be 1, 2 or a few years the CD/DVD drive may fail or have problems.

    Here's what you can do.

    Option 1

    1. Restart the computer (take the disc out when you do this).

    2. Then, reinsert the disc and see if it reads.

    Option 2

    1. Try a different disc.

    2. See if it can read a blank disc (the kind you use for burning stuff)

    Option 3

    1. Find out the model/maker of your CD drive and visit their websites to download their drivers. (This will be difficult since your CD drive isn't even showing up on your computer)

    2. However, if you still see your CD drive on MY COMPUTER

    a. Right Click on the CD Drive

    b. Click Properties from the menu that pops up

    c. Click the Hardware Tab

    d. You will see a list, find something that looks like DVD+-RW drive or something similar. Since you have two, the other one will appear as well.

    e. Click on the drive till you see a blue highlight or something over it.

    f. Then below there is a button called Properties, click that.

    g. You will see more menus, click the tab "Driver"

    h. Here click the option "Update Driver"

    If there isn't an update, it means you have it up to date, and the problem could be something else.

    Last thought:

    There's a good chance your CD/DVD drive is bust. You may want to replace it. Usually its not difficult to replace these yourself, but if you aren't tech savvy then it probably isn't a good idea you do it. You could take it into BestBuy or computer store to get it replaced.

    CD/DVD drives are really cheap now, like 20 it won't hurt your pocket.


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    It's time for a new drive. Make sure to buy the same type of drive. The older drive use IDE and the newer drive use SATA. They are pretty cheap to replace. They should be less than $30.

    With IDE drive, there are jumper settings to play around with. Usually choosing cable select would work without any problem. Cable select is usual the default setting. Otherwise, set the jumper to master for single drive on one cable or slave/master if there are more than one drive on the same cable. Setting the jumper in the wrong setting will not damage the drive. So just play around with it until you get it right.

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    reinstall drive or drivers .u can go into your computer hardware profile and it would have a yellow exclamation point next to the drive if it isnt working properly .id take it to a computer place and have them fix it if u dont know what im taking about its easier on the wallet and doesnt cost much

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    it looks such as you have an exterior dvd or cd burner with the aid of the variety you descirbe the wires....if it is interior you dont see wires for it......besides the incontrovertible fact that it variety of feels to me such as you the two have undesirable dvd's....dont also have a cd burner...or your even putting it into the cd-rom stress that's distinct then the cd burner stress on occasion...while there is two

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    It could be that you have the wrong cd's..... I know there are different type's and if you have the wrong ones they won't work .... May God bl;ess you love Jan

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