returning Tourist to Mexico?

I have been to Mexico many times, however, this year I have the opportunity to go mid February on a business convention, return home, then am going with family 2 weeks later. I remember reading something on the tourist card you get on the plane about multiple visits and length of stay alllowed. Is this frowned upon or look suspicious?

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    This sounds like a great opportunity, and one can appreciate your concern for the lenth of stay. There is no problem whatsoever, nor does it look suspicious in any way that you are traveling to Mexico two times in such a short period of time.

    When those tourist cards are used by Mexicans, they're just used more than anything as an internal control for when you pass customs. They stamp it with a red stamp once you get the ok to go by and then the customs officer standing near the exit gets the stamped copy, keeps it and knows that he can let you pass because he has seen that his colleague has stamped the form.

    For when you return, you also have to fill in a sheet to go into the US, this does not look suspicious either for Americans. They use it in the same way that Mexicans use it. The likelihood of it seeming suspicious, I would agree, is a little higher though, on account that the US is always on the lookout for terrorists and these kinds of things.

    However, it's quite all right, because the only cases I've ever heard about it being a problem is if you do many times in a short while 8,9 times in 3 months, and even then most officers recognize that some Americans have a Mexican boyfriend or girlfriend. The other time that it may look suspicious is if in any one of those times you did something else, or had something else that would raise a red flag. The only reason the frequency of travel would be considered suspicious is because once you raise a red flag, you're on their radar, and they're looking at you, so if they're looking at you, they might have a creative imagination like we sometimes see in movies like Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller.

    So I would say to you, work hard, then enjoy the trip very much with your family, there's nothing to worry about and on both sides of the border you're good to go. Hope this helps, if you think it does, I'd appreciate the ten points. Thanks

    Source(s): Dual citizenship, lived in both countries all of my life, own businesses in both countries
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    No, you will have no issues whatsoever. No one will even notice. If there was any question at all, it would be from US immigration upon returning. No problem at all to explain that one trip was business and the other was pleasure.

    Source(s): Resident and frequently travel in and out of the country.
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    you can ask for extended visit or multiple visits is ok in mexico,they are not very particular about this,specially if you are American or canadian.

    Americans are highly respected in mexico,small towns are very friendly and all the violence you hear is btwn them"drug cartels' if you are not involved with them you have nothing to fear.

    enjoy Mexico,try to visit "copper canyon" by chepe train or san miguel de allende,or coastal towns btwn pto vallarta and mazatlan,

    nice,beautiful,inexpensive,good food,good water, and lots of english speaking places.very very friendly ppl

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