This is really bothering me!?

Okay so i had surgery so when at school i cant get myself home, i have to be picked up. So i was waiting for my mum and This girl, a sophmore walks into the office and she is crying, i mean BAWLING and I just stared at her, i didnt know what to say...

so i know the girl, kind of, i spoke to her last year...but i'm home now and I cant stop thinking about it!

I was waiting and ten min later her mum pops in to come get her and I overheard her speaking to the guidanc counselor about how the girl had been evaluated by therapists and psychologists and im thinking to myself omg wth?

so i left. and i plan to catch up to her tomorrow and speak to her, not to get in her business but just as a decent human really freaked me out b/c ive had my own problems and it just hurt me so much to see her crying like that!!!

Also, i go to an all girls school, and a lot of the girls are gay, so I dont want to approach her and then come off as if its some type of come on or whatever. I know the girl, and I really am concerned...

what should i do...its REALLY really bothering me I just feel terrible because ive been seeing her lately and shes look so sad and I could have said hi, i could have done something....ugh!


im a senior btw ;)

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    well if the guidance counselor and her mom and dad are involved then she's getting the help she needs. don't let her know you saw her. just start a conversation with her tomorrow. normal things like oh man that history teacher sure gave us a lot of homework yesterday. and then break out your cell phone and say sorry this cute boy i met last week just texted me and pretend like you're texting someone back. then say you have to go, but make sure you say, i know we don't talk very much, but if you need someone to talk to about anything, u can come to me.

    i've had really big problems before and when someone random said that to me that i used to dislike, i ended up turning to them the next day

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    I think you should approach her and tell her "You must be going through something pretty hard. Im here if you want to talk to someone." It makes it so she can chose whether she wants to talk about it or not. It also lets her know you arent asking for alternative reasons.

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    Just talk to her and matbe hint at the fact that u aren't lez

  • 1 decade ago

    talk to herrr!!!!!!!!!!!

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