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moving schools, dont know what to do?

ok so i have lived in Cairns all my life and in mid year 11 i changed schools to another school in cairns. I am starting Yr 12 next year and my mother was offered a work position in the gold coast. Since the school im at doesnt offer boarding, i have to either go the the school i was previously at which offered boarding, i left because i didnt really get along with a few people there. or i have to move to gold coast. Anything that will help me with this decision is greatly appreciated.

the thing is ive been at my current school for 1/2 a year and love it. i went to the previous school for 3 1/2 years but didnt really get along with many people there. so the option is boarding at a school i dont like or moving to a completely new school

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    Gold Coast is a great place to be and always full of action. If I had the opportunity to go to school there for a year in last years I would definitely take it up.

    Don't worry about your friends cause you can always make new ones and keep in touch with the others.

    Just go - you never know what will come along!

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    Make the first move! If you're a girl: go up to another girl and give her a compliment on her hair/clothing/jewelry. Maybe even ask them where she got it, this can be a great conversation starter. If you're a guy: Ask another guy if they saw the football game from last night (example). Bring up the highlight of the game and start discussing! If you're not a sporty guy just try saying hi (I'm not a guy so I don't have a whole lot of info) If your school has different clubs and sports teams try taking part in one! This will bring you together with fellow students that share a similar hobby. I hope things work out! ~Lexi :P :) :O D:D

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