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general health or mental health,i do not know,but can anybody give any information on morgellons ?

not sure if it's connected to contaminated soil or down to infestation of some kind. i have a little info from youtube, but am looking for what was experienced when it came about for those people rather than what they experienced in tolerating the ignorance to it. if possible those who were made to remain in the dwellings after reportings took place. would be much apprieciated. thank you


thank you for the info, but i here of some other way this came about for some people, ie; a women felt she suddenly had an attack of what seemed to be insect bites. do you know of anything in those terms?

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    Morgellons (also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome) is a name given in 2002 by Mary Leitao[1] to a proposed infectious condition characterized by a range of cutaneous (skin) symptoms including crawling, biting, and stinging sensations; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores). Current scientific consensus holds that Morgellons is not a new disorder and is instead a new and misleading name for known illnesses. Most doctors,[2] including dermatologists[3] and psychiatrists,[4] regard Morgellons as a manifestation of known medical conditions, including delusional parasitosis,[5][6][7] although some health professionals say that an infectious cause could one day be found.[8] Illnesses such as delusional parasitosis can be serious and debilitating, but tested and effective treatments exist.

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