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Which Blues great wrote Catfish Blues...?

I'm listening to Gov't Mule's version of "Catfish Blues"...Which blues great originally sang this song?

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    As stated, Robert Petway was the first to record it under that title (Muddy Waters cut it as Rolling Stone), but many early blues, particularly in the Delta, used a number of interchangeable lyrics. There are dozens and dozens of examples of this. The line "If your house catches fire, and there ain't no water 'round (repeat), Jump out the window, let the doggone thing burn down" is one. The central lines of Catfish blues were in circulation, and on record, long before Petway entered the studio to cut his version. Here's a very illuminating (though slightly inaccurate) treatise on the tune

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    hi there,

    "Catfish Blues"was a song by Robert Petway, who recorded it together with Tommy McClennan in 1941, on the bluebird label

    But it's best known from the period 1966-'68, when names as John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and even a certain Muddy Waters, recorded the song.

    The song is still a very popular one, and is on the set list of a lot of blues performers of today.

    Mike Dennis.

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    Robert Petway did a killer version of this song in the 1930's or 40's ...

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    Robert Petway (in 1941)

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