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CYST? Something? I don't know....?

I went for an ultrasound for miscarriages

and the found nothing that would cause a miscarriage

but they found a "growth" that was about 1cm long.

about a month later i just had another ultrasound and the man doing it showed me the screen and it was a HUGE black circle as black as my full bladder definately didnt look 1cm anymore either.....i still have to wait acouple days to find out what it really is.....but im scared :S ... last night after sex i had intense pain in that area... it's gone now.....will i have to get surgery?!?!?!

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    I can't say you will. I've had many cysts and surgery. It was painful for intercourse. You will have to try different positions. Not to get to personal or anything. My doc said to me one time, every woman gets small cysts @ the beginning of her cycle and they go away on there own during your cycle. But on some woman they don't (like me) they can get big and burst (and that really hurts). I had lost 2 children (1 miscarriage and 1 child I was 6 months preg) anyway should be still able to have kids. My son is now 13 and he is the only child I can have. I had to have a hysterectomy @ 27.

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    Go to an oncologist, and if you need surgery, do it ! My fiance' has been fighting ovarian cancer for over 2 years. So far, surgeries, chemo, and medical pot is keeping her alive. Cancer is nothing to ignore. It can be helped.

    Unless you are one of the 40 million people like me that have no heath care ins., then no problem.

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    yes just like i did ask the doctor for birth control to reduce the growth size or even eliminate it but if you want to have children then get the surgery before it gets worst

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