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my msn is already typing for me?

I was on msn talking with a friend and then he would ask me a question like "Hey whats up?" and then my msn would automatically respond for me.. and say "im good and how are you" . It is in the same text as mine and under my screen name... what is going on? Does he have some kind of hacking thing.. i have no idea it is sooo wierd


i have msn plus installed but the wierd thing i think that the person i was talking to was typing the stuff out for me... and they acted like they didnt know what was going on.. also the answers that the "person" was typing for me was just like my typing.. so i kno there is something fishy going on

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    Well MSN Plus has this quick texts thing, where you can make messages that pop up automatically if you type in a certain command. You can change this under your Preferences, under Conversations.

    Does this happen with everyone you chat with? Is msn asking your friends to download a file?

    If it is happening with everyone you chat with, it's probably MSN Plus add-ons... if it isn't, your friend, or someone you know is possibly hacking. If msn is asking your friends to load a file, you have a virus.

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    ─►use PLUS

    (do not support the sponsor if asked during the set up)

    ─►then get a script here

    ─►or use one of these

    ─►Huhu Clone 1.0


    This script allows you to impersonate the contact(s) you are talking with.

    When you say /usay *your text* you will say something under your contacts name.

    How to use this script:

    - Make sure you have Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.

    - Download the script, open it, accept the warning and press Import.

    - Open a conversation window.

    - Type "/usay Hi" (without quotes) to imitate the contact saying "Hi".

    - Type "/usay /help" for additional information (for example: group chat support)

    - Of course you can say whatever you want

    - This version also imitates the user font (at the impersonated user window)

    ☆¸.•*¨*`•.☆ï ђøρε ï ђεlρεḋ☆¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆

    ::: (\(\

    *: (=' :') :*

    •.. (,('')('')¤°

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    ☆đση'т ¢σρу, вε σяιgιคℓ☆

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    Well i think you have installed some windows live add-on on your pc

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