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how long to go en pointe.?

Okay so i really want to get back into ballet because ive danced it on and off for a while in my life its been about 4 years sice i stopped i stil remeber everything just not the names. I really want to do pointe

Okay i know youll all be like you cant start out on point but i just wanted to know how long. and do they make pointe shoues in size 10.

-i have an AMAZING arch

-im a hardcore skier so very strong legs



Im asking seize 10 because i know it would look really weird because my feet are already huge so they will look huge-er with the box on them.

And i know thers a certain "look" attacjed to classical ballet

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    It really depends on how many classes you take. I didn't go en pointe until I'd been dancing three years, but that's because I only took once a week my first year and twice a week my second year. If you take three days a week or more from a good studio, you might be able to do pointe in as little as a year, though it might be more.

    Believe it or not, you are fortunate to have size 10 feet at your height. Long feet extend the line of the leg when en pointe, and at 5'3," you want to be able to make yourself look as long as possible.

    Make sure the studio you take classes from emphasizes strong and correct technique; pointework can be dangerous without proper training.

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    My dance teacher made sure each girl in my class built strong leg, calf, ankle, and even our upper body muscles before we could move onto pointe. But I honestly wouldn't know how long exactly, because I took ballet since I was three, and I started pointe when I was 12. So I would probably ask the instructors, because they'll probably know what's best. And LISTEN to what they tell you! Because the last thing you want to do is have an injury from a wooden shoe.. heh

    Pointe shoes, however don't come in regular shoe sizes you wear everyday. You get measured for them, and yes they are tight and uncomfortable. For example, I wear a size 8 in regular shoes, but a 5 3/4 in pointe shoes.

    But if your heart is really set out for this, I say go for it :)

    Minus the aching calves and feet with blisters, I love it.

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    It will be a while before you get to go on pointe: it's not just about remembering everything- you also have to be able to DO everything, and you will find that you've lost more of your ballet muscle tone and muscle memory than you might think. Skiing may help, by be aware that the muscles are not all the same. However, having done it before, you will probably get to pointe faster than a beginner. You will probably be able to find pointe shoes in your size, though the selection may be reduced and you may have to order shoes a lot. A high arch is a good thing for ballet, and it looks good on pointe, but it will make pointe harder for you: most shoes are not really built for a high arch and people with high arches tend to have difficulty locking their ankles and staying on their boxes.

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    Ok yes they make them in a size ten Pointe shoes sometimes they are sized the european way but if you get an american brand then your shoes will be sized in american. you said you have a high arch which will make you pointe look lovely but it will be much harder I myself have a very high arch and size ten feet so I personally understand. your ankles and feet will have to be very strong and you core as well. I took of a few month's of dance i had to dance for about 2 1/2 month's before starting pointe. and I have been doing it since I was three years old. Just remember before you sew the ribbons and elastic on to have you instructor make sure they are the right shoes for you because each shoe is different. As long as you listen to your instructors your good.

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    Probably at least a year or two. Good arches and strong legs are good but you also need to have strong feet, good technique and your ribs in (good ballet posture).

    They make pointe shoes in your shoe size, but pointe shoes usually run different then regular shoes. Like for example in real life I wear 8's but in pointe she's I wear size 6. So if you do pointe get them fitted somewhere like a dance store.

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    It depends where you go. Different schools have different practices. I know a girl who started 3 years ago for the first time at 12, and is now better than me and been on pointe 2 years. I'm jealous.

    Oh, and many girl's at my school have bigger feet and that doesn't matter.

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    If you have really strong feet then you should start about in a year because you need to get your technique back. Just work really hard and you can become amazing in pointe. good luck

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    i think its great you wanna start on pointe because it is so beautiful and all you have to do is train your ancles to hold your body weight and you said you have a good arch so that wouldn't be hard and of course they make pointe shoes in size ten! have fun!

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    I would say a year, that's how long it took me, and yes they make up to size 12 i think or you could have them custom made.

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