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What Is The Holocaust?

What I mean is not necessarily the general definition, but more along the lines of....what was the plan? [The steps taken to try and reach the goal.]

But one thing I don't understand is why the Jewish? What was so bad about them that Hitler wanted them dead?

Also, does anybody know of sites that give good information about concentration camps? [Established by Hitler or during his time.]

And if anybody knows a site where I can get a map or blueprint type thing of a concentration camp, it would be SO helpful. [I'm doing a model of a concentration camp.]

Much Appreciated.



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    My best advice here, if you can do it, is to visit the United States Holocaust Museum if you ever get the chance. The website also provides a lot of resourceful information about many different aspects of the Holocaust itself.

    Jewish people were not the only ones who died in the Holocaust (when you consider the numbers, it was grave since there are so few Jewish people in the world today 0.0035% of the World population).

    Jews are a very small minority, and as such have been made scapegoats continuously throughout history. Pogroms, expulsions, and massacres are quite common in the history of Europe. The 1066 Grenada Massacre, and the Inquisition are only two of many instances.

    A lot of it has to do with mis-education and misinterpretation of the religion itself. Jews were blamed for deicide (Deity killing), The Plague, being greedy/rich, etc..

    The German people were upset at the loss of WWI, and the Versailles Treaty, which in turn became more hatred. Hitler came along and offered people a "solution" to Germany's problem by boasting about how closely they came to winning during the first WW. Then he blamed the downfalls of society towards certain groups.

    People who disagreed with Hitler politically, Poles, Gypsies, and Jehovah Witnesses were also thrown into the camps as well.

    The camps exist today, for the sole purpose of showing people what they were like. You can visit them if you are curious as to what they were like


    Puppy Luv: Hitler's grandfather was not Jewish. Historians have disproved this theory, which is a common rumor heard. Hitler kept his family history secret because it had an unusually high rate of feeble-mindedness and insanity.

    Here are some excellent online resources:

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    Try these two major museum's sites:

    Even if they don't, they will have links to major research.

    The idea was supremacy of the German race. The goal was to erradicate anything that was inferior or politically in the way of that goal. Along with Jews were Slavs, Roma, disabled, political prisioners, gays...

    Even among the inferior Jews were classified as even more inferior & given 1/2 rations in the camps (400/calories a day vs. 800 for others), specially disgusting tasks & more killing. Roma were in the same category but were mostly killed before transport to the camps.

    Whys are complex of course. Years of anti-semitism, (much of it generated by Christianity over the years such as about Deicide - "jews killed jesus)), funnelled into a big ball of this result.

    These sites will cover anti-semitism & how this all happened to some extent:

    There isn't anything about Jews that generated this. However, it's a very old hatred & has a life of it's own. (What did blacks do to explain enslaving them?)

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    Hitler's plan was to create the "perfect people" by eliminating all imperfections (in this case, the Jews). He found out shortly before he committed suicide that he himself was part Jewish.

    Aside from researching concentration camps, why not try expanding a little to include death camps? The only one people really hear about is Auschwitz since that is where Anne Frank died.

    This site will give you a lot of information.

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    It is because of the way the Jews were slaughtered. Holocaust comes form the Greek word holokaustus, which means to burn or consume by fire. Those others slaughters did not utilize the means of fire as did the Nazis.

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    hitler didn't just kill the jewish - he killed everyone that didn't belong to the aryan race- but he did have this huge hatred towards jewish people- there are a bunch of reason for that- one of them is that he thought the jewish people were responsible for the Germans loosing the world war 1 (hitler was a soldier during that war)- the second reason has something to do with his mom who was jewish and she did something that made him even more angry

    all the answers could be found on the internet- just google it! it's not that hard! i am sure you'll find something- if you still can't find the answers- you can email me

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    In case you're interested we're reading an awesome book called "Abe's Story" It was written from the memoires of someone who survived the holocaust. You can buy it at

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