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Censorship -- in the US of A -- does it exist pervasive or secretly done ?

Error 9 9 9 is that a form of Yahoo censorship ? Or just a technical message/glitch ?

Is the media censored where some messages thoughts idea's or candidates are made to appear not to exist ?

Are protests censored either through the denial of permits or media black outs?


Are there other forms of censorship that the State does not admit to -- but does in a covert manner ?

How about the mega corporations ?


Or is it all a rumor , paranoid ramblings of certain fridges?


Here is a blog entry from the former Republican Treasury Secretary under Reagan and associate editor of the Wall St Journal

The Difficulty Of Being An Informed American

By Paul Craig Roberts

The American print and TV media has never been very good. These days it is horrible. If a person intends to be informed, he must turn to foreign news broadcasts, to Internet sites, to foreign newspapers available on the Internet, or to alternative newspapers that are springing up in various cities. A person who sits in front of Murdoch’s Fox "News" or CNN or who reads the New York Times is simply being brainwashed with propaganda.

Before conservatives nod their heads in agreement, I’m not referring to "the liberal media." I mean the propaganda that issues from the US government and the Israel Lobby.


Is he suggesting censorship --- or something else ?

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    V Dare the organization which you cite, is a racist , anti immigration, xenophobic organization. Nonetheless they happen to be right,. Because both Conservatives , Liberals, Socialists, and anyone else who thinks out side the box is subject to censorship and persecution. Carl Marx's books were used as evidence in the Smith Act Sedition trials against US Communists, John Peter Zenger was accused of being subversive, Isolationists, some of them Nazis during world War 2 were charged with sedition for newspapers which he published. Then there was Gen Westmoreland's suit about Vietnam , and the Daniel Ellsberg Papers, where both he and the NY Times were accused of espionage, but had their cases dismissed , So US history is fraught with censorship, and the censors continue to have lots of tricks up their sleeves. So much for the US being a Democracy. Oh, I forgot, the Zinn A people's History of the United Statres Act allows the FBI to go into libraries and check on people's reading habits.I am sure the US practices both overt and covert censorship.

    Source(s): ACLU, A Peoples history of th United States, Zinn
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