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Anyone believe this FEMA concentration camp stuff?

Ive seen alot of vidoes on u tube about FEMA developing these secret camps all over the united states (even in alaska/hawaii) that are supposedly to be used to exterminte american people. What would they want to do this for? I also seen a video on these plastic caskets stacked up ald lined up by the thousands. Is this **** true or is it all a hoax from conspiracy theorists?

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    Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons,

    Check these sites and make your own opinion.

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    I'm not sure myself, but, I know what you're talking about because people are making home videos of these "camps", but more interestingy of all, you can also see these coffins.

    This is what I think; I seriously doubt that all of the conspiracy theorists are in-league, or even that pressed, to put together so much money that they would buy all of those coffin liners and just throw them into a field somewhere. I also doubt that there is even a funeral home that has bought land just to put all of these cheap coffins in (they just don't work like that), and I doubt that there is a business or whoever that would also have a reason to have so many coffins in one place (hundreds of thousands?).

    Now, the government, and especially if there is an "official" mention of a contract with Halliburton (check my sources at the bottom), that's something that I'm going to say is a little more alerting. If you do a population search on Atlanta Georgia, that city alone has about 500,000 people, and there are about 500,000+ coffins that can hold about 3-4 people each? (so you can consider people outside the city too, now can't you?).

    I don't blame you for wondering, and I do wonder why more people aren't wondering, or there isn't more news on this. On the other hand, maybe I'm totally mistaken :D

    Source(s): (notice: "or to support rapid development of new programs" hmmm, amirite?)
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  • Erika
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    I want to apply the term "detention camps". "concentration" camp is somewhat stable, and that reasons human beings to push aside the fact as fiction without investigating it for themselves. bypass to KBR's information superhighway website. The final time I checked, that they had an announcement announing their government settlement to enhance the camps (around $3 hundred million if I remember properly). KBR grew to become right into a subsidiary of Haliburton on the time the settlement grew to become into offered and that could desire to develop some eyebrows. The detention camps at the instant are not all new shape. For some, they are refurbishing previous centers no longer used - which comprise previous prisons. What you call them does not be counted, yet they are genuine. Did you seize the information out some days approximately approximately yet another huge deployment of troops on US soil for "civil concerns"? connect the dots.

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    This has been wacko nutjob conspirator cannon for over a decade. At first it was the UN building concentration camps in the US. The major evidence was that - there was NO evidence, which meant they were hiding them. Now it's FEMA??

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    No. Besides, it would mean that thousands of people (from both parties) would have to be in on it. No way something like this wouldn't come out.

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