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Calling all baseball fans?

How is height and number of hits in a game related? Anyone know this, easy 10 points for established baseball fans!!


I htought hand eye coordination skills were related to height..

Update 2:

This is for a data management study...just to see if there's a correlation.

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    I don't think it is. Last year in the American League Dustin Pedroya (sp?) and Ichiro Suzuki tied with 213 hits for the year. Neither one has been accused of being tall.

    I would be interested to see if any Bill James types have done any studies on the subject.


    ...Hey! Why dont you do a scatterplot with the batters height for the x-axis and number of hits for the y-axis , for lets say every hitter with more than 400 at bats for the 2008 season.

    Then you would know for sure! You can get all of the data on That would be so cool!!!!


    Well this really got me going so I dusted off my my Statistics Text from 3 semesters ago (got an A+, thank you) and used the scatterplot program from the CD that came with the book and ran a sample.

    Used the height from the top 10 batters in both the american and national leages from baseball

    Used the batting average for the top 10 batters in both leauges from I decided to use batting average instead of number of hits. That is because leadoff hitters would get an unfair advantage because of a greater number of atbats. I don't think anyone would argue this point but you never know.

    after pairing the 20 data sets and running the program I was astounded to find there IS A DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN HEIGHT AND ThE ABILTIY TO HIT A BASEBALL FOR THE TOP 20 PLAYERS in the major leauges in 2008. Mind you this is a very small sample, only

    20 players. This should be expanded to include all full time players in the major leages to confirm the hypotheses. I just do not have the time right now. If I get around to it I will post my results

    Some interesting things. Seven of the 20 players hit "above thier height" they are:






    C Jones


    One player hit exactly what he should for his height: Guzman

    The rest hit "under thier Height"

    And two pairs of players had the exact same height and average

    Youklis and Berkman .312 6-1

    Markakis and Winn .306 6-2

    The one thing I have discovered is that these small guys that hit well are indeed truly remarkable players because statistically they should be doing much worse.


    I just added batters 11-20 in both leagues and ran the program again. I forgot about Manny, sorry he did not show up in either league. I used a minimum of 450 plate appearances to qualify. So with the top 40 batters (not counting manny) the results were inconclusive. There was NO CORRELATION between height and hitting.

    The first sample was skewed by two tall guys ,Chipper and Pujols who had monster years and were the most obvios outliers in both tests.

    I also have doubts about the actual height that is listed for many players in Baseball

    Some examples:

    Pedroia 5-9 (I heard he was closer to 5-6)

    Jose Lopez 6-2 (he doesn't look THAT much taller than Ichiro)

    Berkman 6-1 (Yea, back in junior high school)

    This should be done with more accurate Heights, preferably in centimeters.

    Another possible study could use the players weight, that could be interesting.

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    All of you missed it. It does have relation. Ichiro is how tall? Pedoria is how tall?

    Over history due to height and the STRIKE zone. With each player the umps will extend or shrink a zone due to height. A 6'10 player has a added 9 inches of height in his strike zone on avg. A 5'8 player has 13 inches less height on the strike zone. Smaller strike zone means a pitch has a smaller window to throw in meaning a better chance for either a walk or a hit. Smaller players generaly hit less HRs less HRS more hits. Larger and taller player more HRs less hits.

    Now for the added kicker on this. The catcher if you have a really tall catcher it will force the ump to expand the strike zone due to his ability to see over his shoulder. Extra short catcher means a pitch normaly a strike will be at the catchers forehead and the brain allways tells you BALL not strike.

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    No, It doesn't matter the height all that matters is strenth and hand-eye coordination and the hit just come after that. Look at Derrick Jeter he isn't tall he is normal height and almost every year he gets 200 + hits. compared to idk Derrick Lowe or Richie Sexon they are both tall but there average is around .275 compared to Derrick Jeters .320

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    Height doesn't have anything to do with number of hits. I never heard of that.

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    Maybe if there taller then they have a bigger strike zone and affects there amount of hits???

    Just a theory

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    yeah, i agree with the first person. what are you talking about?

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    same with me, ive never heard that...

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