Astronomy programs in University please help?

how much would it cost to be in an Astronomy program in University?

Its a school project and i need to know breif secondary and post secondarey requirements and canadian schools offering the program, and tuition costs and length of program

please help heres alist of schools that have astronomy programs..

University of Toronto, Maintoba, Calgary, Victoria, McMaster , York University ect...

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  • eri
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    1 decade ago
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    I assume you mean to get a degree in astronomy? I'm not sure what your project entails, but to get a job as an astronomer you really need to get a PhD in the subject. That's 8-12 years of college. However, at least in the US and in most other countries, the PhD part is paid for you as long as you work as a teaching or research assistant, so you really only have to pay for the first 4 years.

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