What countries require a Hep A shot to enter?

I'm travelling around, and I'm just wondering which countries require a hepatitis A vaccination to enter?


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    Are there new recommendations for the use of IG and/or hepatitis A vaccine prior to travel?

    Yes. All susceptible people traveling to or working in countries except the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia should receive hepatitis A vaccine or IG before departure. (If traveling to the Caribbean, people should consider getting hepatitis A vaccine or IG if travel is to areas of questionable sanitation.)

    For unvaccinated people ages 1 through 40 years, the first dose of hepatitis A vaccine should be administered as soon as travel is considered, actually anytime prior to travel. The second dose should be given at least 6 months after the first dose.

    For the best protection, individuals who are over age 40, immunocompromised people (e.g., people with AIDS), and people with chronic liver disease or other chronic medical conditions planning to travel in 2 weeks or less should receive the initial dose of hepatitis A vaccine and IG at the same time. The second dose of the 2-dose hepatitis A vaccine series should be given no sooner than six months after the first dose. This second dose is needed to insure long lasting protection.

    Travelers who choose not to get the hepatitis A vaccine, who are less than 12 months old, or who are allergic to the vaccine should be given IG only. The dosage of IG depends on how long you plan to be traveling and how much you weigh.

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