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What songs would you suggest? anything really?

What songs do you suggest?

ok i like a bunch of types of music; there is like the legit must haves aka classic rock like rolling stones; led zeppelin etc

i also like the kind of music with all time low, rocket summer, the maine, academy is, red jumsuit apparatus, etc

i do not generally like top 10 music haha

i love sick techno songs like basshunter, atc and stuff

but there is a group of songs i like that are all superr random and these are the type of songs i am looking for (but if you have anything good to suggest feel free!)

stand by me -ben e. king

popular mechanics for lovers - belulah

ALL bob marley

so many nights - the cat empire

the first single - the format

build me up buttercup - the foundations

intertwined - the hush sound

such great heights -iron and wine AND the postal service version

walcott - vampire weekend


young folks - peter bjorn and john (THIS SONG TO)

my girl - the temptations

forever young - the youth group

for widows in paradise - sufjan stevens

train in vain - the clash

sweet caroline - niel diamond

boats and birds - gregory and the hawk

all of secondhand serenade

and i like the chorus of "sugar" by the orion express and "not a second to waste" by a rocket to the moon

when you suggest songs could you refer to which band/song you think the suggestion is most based on so i know what type of music it is? but i dont really mind any song you find good will probably be good haha

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    idk....Jo Bros!!!!!!!!!haha...LOL!

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    OO, i like a lot of the same music as you! especially basshunter. thanks for mentioning orion express. i like them now. i also like metro station-shake it and seventeen forever, and angels and airwaves-the adventure and secret crowds, click five. good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    paramore make good songs. just try listening to any of their songs. you might like it just like most of the people in the world.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cant go wrong with metallica. =)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    never think-rob pattinson


    super massive black hole-muse

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