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Is it nice to have a fish tank?

Like..does the bubble blower thing make calm noises? Is it worth getting a fish for?

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    fish dont like me.

    i had one male fish.

    and one female fish.

    and the female fish ate the male fish.

    then she killed herself in the rock formation that was in there.

    it was pretty weird.

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    I have had various fish tanks for years and years.

    Freshwater is fun. Saltwater is a costly pain!

    If you have lots of money, go salt.

    If you want a nice tank, get a 20 gallon long tank with stand.

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    It's wonderful to have a turtle tank! Just throw a bunch of money into it to start out with and it will be pretty easy to maintain. When I had a smaller tank and a less-than-fabulous filter, it WAS a lot of work to take care of these guys. I have this thing right next to my bed because I like to see them as soon as I wake up and right before I go to sleep ;)

    I looove myfuckingturtles!!!!!!

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    I've had fish tanks over the years from 10 gallon (38L) to 55 gallon (208L). I loved them! They are better than Xanax. It takes some work to keep them clean, but it's worth it.

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    Sometimes, I take canned tuna and throw it in the sink that's full of water, is that the same thing, because if so, than no, I hate fish tanks!

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    Nah, I use the fish tank to store my Tuna-in-a-can. Bubbles don't seem to do a darn thing to them either.

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    You could get one of those fish tank DVD's for your TV. That way you don't have to worry if you want to go on vacation for a week. Or feel guilty if you are the type to forget to feed your pets...

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    4 years ago

    there are various selections. Assuming freshwater, there are: Angels dwarf cichlids - apistos and rams training fish like tetras, danios/glofish, etc or you ought to bypass african cichlid, that are colourful and an entire diverse fish conserving adventure.

  • A fish tank is nice to pee in when the bathroom is occupied.

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    I keep all the snowflakes that want to make a journey to Texas.

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