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Anonymous asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 1 decade ago

ferry service in Ontario where,and How?

Hi, I'm planning to drive from London,Ontario to Calgary,Alberta, some people told me to take the ferry service instead driving to Thunder bay because the roads are bad in winter, but I don't know how, and where.

Note: I don't want to use USA in my planning.

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    I live in Thunder Bay and Karen is correct, there is no ferry service to TB.

    Yes, highway 17 around the lake can be very bad in the winter. I have made the winter drive from Southern Ontario to TB many times and I suggest taking the northern "trucker route", which is highway 11. Taking highway 11 can take a little bit longer but the roads are often better. This is the route that the truckers prefer in the winter so there is always someone on the road if you happen to have car trouble. Just remember to fill up on gas when you get the chance because it can be hard to find in some portions of Northern Ontario....happy travels.

  • lasley
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    4 years ago

    Thunder Bay Ferry Service

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    The lakes are bad in winter too. Lake traffic pretty much stops for winter because of ice in the rivers and locks, not to mention rough weather. I haven't heard of a ferry to Thunder Bay. If there was one, you can bet it wouldn't run in winter. The only ferry I know of that might be of any use at all is the one from Tobermory at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula to Manitoulin Island, summer only, and then you drive from there to the mainland and keep going along Hwy 1, so you end up on the same snowy road as you would if you drove the whole way around Lake Huron. And from my experience of it, that ferry won't save you much time anyway. There are ferries across Lake Michigan but not in winter and they don't save time either on a cross country trip.

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